President Trump is being fed a continuous flood of disinformation. They have systematically dismantled and ousted Trump’s good advisers, like Steve Bannon. The corrupt enemies of God are deceiving Trump and his people hook line and sinker.
As we know Assad did not attack his own innocent civilians to provoke us just as Trump was planning to leave. The greedy are used by the Devil to drive a deep wedge between the USA and Russia. We are provoking Russia and China to war in these moves with unrighteous indignation, looking to our armed forces as capable to overcome all who might dare to oppose us.
This scenario could end the grace period God has granted us through the Trump presidency, and as the Lord has shown me there won’t be enough prayer to turn it completely back, however, our prayers could hold the tide long enough.
I submit praying for the Trump group in this manner:
We pray to disperse the enemy’s cloud of confusion around President Trump and his. We set a hedge of your Holy Warring Angles around President Trump and all yours with him. That your Righteousness will prevail in Trump’s heart and be carried out to fulness. Grant President Trump and his your innate wisdom. Grant Trump your deep understanding and righteous conviction to carry out your will, that we may finish your Christ ordained tasks which you have prepared for us from the beginning.
May our Lord Jesus Christ’s will be done first and foremost.